Another Telling Update

From the Utah SWAT shooting.

Search warrant in hand, a team of bulletproof vest-wearing officers rapped on the door of a small, red-brick Utah house, identifying themselves as police. When no one responded, authorities say, the officers burst inside.

That’s when the gunfire erupted.

When it was over Wednesday night, a 7-year veteran officer was dead and five of his colleagues were wounded, some critically. The suspect, an Army veteran whose estranged father said suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and may have been self-medicating with marijuana, was injured.

We originally talked about it here, and because of the dubious nature of SWAT drug raids in the past I wondered how valid this raid was. Also 40+ shots being fired, one officer dead, several severely wounded, and the suspect suffering only minor wounds? And over Marijuana? With images like this still fresh in our minds. I have to wonder was the suspect even armed? Did the SWAT member shoot themselves?

Why was this raid even necessary?

I think we need to keep a VERY close eye on this case. Les said in his email: “Is this Pima County II?”

He may be right.

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  1. Gudis says:

    Honestly I could only hope that more pointless raids go like this one, maybe the cops will eventually realize that kicking down doors should only be done in the most grave of circumstances.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That is a VERY valid observation. These no-knock raids often end in gunfire and bloodshed. Is it REALLY worth it?

      Any reasonable person will say “No”.

    • Or they’ll all get the (somewhat) demilitarized tanks and start driving through the wall of a house every time there’s a domestic report.

      Somehow I don’t see them deescalating any more than I see Congress voting themselves a pay cut.

  2. Cargosquid says:

    And it was vitally important that they search his home RIGHT NOW for that horribly dangerous substance….marijuana.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They may have also been looking for Cool Ranch Doritos, rolling papers, water pipes, Funions, and Bob Marley music as valuable court evidence.

      Even in the worst case scenario this makes ZERO sense. And judging from past events, I have some severe doubts it was that.

  3. Pyrotek85 says:

    I don’t think anything short of a legitimate hostage situation should require a SWAT raid. Grab the guy when he goes to the grocery store or something, don’t lay siege to a house for friggin pot. I really hope it won’t take any more dead citizens or cops to realize this.

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