Friday Reminder

Light a Candle and show how you can prevent violence on January 8th.

Doesn’t have to be Guns (The knife is my CRKT Ultima) and the 5″ 1911 in my home defense gun. I have carried it concealed, but I generally don’t.

And of course there’s Eleanor Riding in her nice Nemesis Pocket Holster.

I’ve already gotten several great submissions that I’ll be posting on the 8th as well as my photo for the day. Email to weerdbeard AT gmail DOT com. Also if any of you chill on various gun forums, spread the word. I don’t often post at my old stomping grounds of Northeast Shooters, and I’ve never been members of places like, the High Road, or We The Armed, as well as countless other awesome forums. I know there are several that have already started threads. Start threads for the 8th on your forums too!

Remember lighting a candle only gives off a meager amount of light, but a lawfully carried gun can do wonders to prevent violence.

Be safe out there, and carry your guns!

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  1. bluesun says:

    Eleanor in his holster? Man, I don’t understand this “naming of inanimate objects” at all…

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  3. Erin Palette says:

    So, is there a central linkdump for these pictures? Or should I just cross-pollinate across all the gun blogs that I read?

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