A Really Neat Idea!

So a little while back A Girl and Her Gun posted a review of Remora Holsters

She was motivated by this review

This review is also good:

I’ll also be frank, all ladies mentioned above are VERY pretty. If any of them don’t like that I welcome them to quit bein’ pretty! 8)

OK well looking at these reviews it seems they meet a few carry issues we have in the Weer’d House.

I’ll start with me. My day-to-day carry is my Glaco Shoulder rig, and its the berries. Its comfortable, I can conceal it about 90% of the time year-round, it carries a full-size gun, and two reloads. That’s good-to-go for me, sometimes I’ll back up the 1911 with my PM45 and if I feel under-gunned it’ll be because I need a rifle.

Now there are two occasions where I don’t grab the 1911 out of the vault (outside of short errands where just dropping a smaller gun in my pocket is easier) is when A) I go to the Doctor’s office where I’ll need to undress or at least take off my cover garment, B) When its very hot outside and I’ll be spending an extended period of time outside in the sun where the straps for my shoulder rig will collect sweat and heat like crazy.

The Doctor’s office is OK as I’ll often still have a shirt where I can drop a reload into one of the pockets, but in the summer I don’t know where to pack a reload. The gun is taking up the pocket where my keys usually hide, I have to put my keys someplace (if I’m wearing cargo shorts I’ll throw the keys in the right lower pocket, the reload in the left lower…but normal shorts, or jeans, or slacks we have issues) And my wallet is in my other pocket.

So in the summer there are times when I might have JUST a 5+1 .45, or a 5-shot revolver. That IS under-gunned, and I don’t like it. That’s not a lot of ammo, and NOTHING to do if you have a magazine malfunction.

Now you should note from my carry methods, I don’t do belts. They’re uncomfortable on me, and I just don’t like them. When I saw the Remora Double-mag pouch, it looks like a winner for me.

I have a pair of TP45 magazines on their way from Midway for my PM45, but since they aren’t here, and I was carrying my 1911 when the package arrived, I loaded up a pair of Wilson 8-rounders and tucked them in my pants.

First up its strange how sticky these items are. They aren’t goopy or nasty, but you can’t just pull your pants out and drop them in, they just won’t want to go into your pants. Instead I had to undo my pants, seat the carrier,then button up. This was also very easy as the holster didn’t need a lot of attention to keep it where I wanted it. I put it at about 7:00 with the mouth of the carrier right at the top of my jeans. I then puttered around the house, did lots of standing and sitting, as well as some walking around. On a whim I even did a few short sprints down my hall to see if I could jiggle it loose.

I then walked down town to grab some take-out (GOT COLD last night!). After over 2 hours, the pouch hadn’t moved. Also the pouch retains the magazines even if I take the unit and invert it in my hand, but you get a VERY clean draw from inside your pants. I think I’ve found a winner.

Oh and while it fits the single-stack 1911 magazine like a glove, this pouch will fit a double-stack .45 magazine as well, so even if you have a G21 magazine to lug around, it should fit.

I also got a J-frame holster with the re-enforced mouth for Mrs. Weer’d. She did give it a precursory testing with a pair of dress slacks that I thought looked less than ideal, and the results were surprisingly good. She still needs to shake them down a LOT more, and I’ll keep you posted.

But I must say these seem like REALLY cool holsters, and the price is hard to beat. Give them a try.

On a final note my order receipt had a hand-written thank-you from Alan the owner on it. That’s a nice touch, Alan. And NO, thank you!

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  1. bluesun says:

    Been seeing these around on teh interwebz ( I think Remora sponsors Gun Nation Podcast, or somesuch) and have been thinking about it. May have to pick one up for myself.

    More “nobody new media” reviews selling products instead of $20,000 full page ads in gun magazines…

  2. maddmedic says:

    Have been carrying my Kahr CW9 in a Remora for about a year now and will be picking mag holder(z) from Remora also.
    Have no complaints.
    Works, works well. It certainly does not appear that it would do so with no”clips” but it does…also works well as a pocket holster in my jacket whilst I am on my commute (100 miles daily).
    I have carried wearing shorts, with belt, with no belt and it stays put.
    Jogging, bicycling, etc…
    And it is easy to pop off and put in lockdown when I am forced to enter “gun free, shoot me zones” which is not often..

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  4. Jay G. says:

    Well, just in case the owner happens to read your comments after the linkbacks, I’ll just state for the record I’m open for testing…


    Excellent review Weerd!

  5. Jack says:


    I was looking for pocket mag holders for my LCP and my PM45.

    These look real solid.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Be careful with standard PM and LCP mags in these, They are about the length of a 1911 Officer magazine, When I put my 5-round PM45 mag in the holder only the base pad pokes out of the unit which isn’t easy to grab.

      Not impossible, just not as easy as when there’s a quarter-inch of steel and basepad available for my fingers.

  6. Love this holster! Very comfortable! Great review!

  7. Joat says:

    The J frame your wife tried, was it a steel one or one of the ultra lights? I’m thinking of ordering one of these for my wife to try.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Belive it or not she prefers the airweights to the all-steel guns. She’s recoil sensitive and doesn’t have a ton of upper body strength, but she personally finds presenting and sighting the gun to be far more tiring than managing the recoil, so a lighter gun lets her hold it up longer in a session. This and revolvers make much more sense to her than semi-autos.

      Small-frame revolvers are a VERY tricky gun. They have a long, often heavy trigger pull. They don’t hold many rounds, and the lightweight ones kick like a cow….and with small carry grips the all steel ones kick like a pissed-off per-schooler. So my advise is to make sure you don’t commit to it firmly, or its a gun you wouldn’t mind owning, until she gets a chance to run a few boxes through it.

      Also with the airweights, don’t overdo it. Using light .38 loads I generally feel fine after 50….but I’ll wake up with a sore hand the next morning if I try and stretch it to 100. Train in shorter sessions, with training bulked up with .22s and maybe full-size revolvers/semi-autos. The last thing you want is your wife groaning when she grabs her coffee cup the next morning, and know its the gun that did that to her. Might get her to change her mind about a few things.

      But you should know her better than I (I hope), so that’s just some suggestions I think are useful.

      • Joat says:

        I already bought the gun “for her” figuring I’d end up with a .38 but she likes it and she’s good with it. The first time she shot it she was killing pop cans from 5 yards.

        • Weerd Beard says:


          Yeah buying an airweight J-frame is NEVER a bad decision. Even tho I rarely carry mine, I do like to have a gun I can quickly unload and reload for when I don’t have ideal security systems, or am staying in a home that doesn’t have 100% gun competent residents.

          • Joat says:

            The gun I have is a steel frame one, and not technically a j frame but the cylinder goes around the correct way and it’s the same size. I’m thinking of ordering one of these holsters but I’m a bit worried that the extra weight of a steel gun will be an issue.

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