Morning Dubstep Love

Heh, people somehow think I like Dubstep, what would give them such a crazy idea????

From Barron this really cool video!

She’s got a neat sound, I’ll have to check her out more!

And Bluesun from his new diggs sends me this image

OMG LOL! That’s funny right there!

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  1. bluesun says:

    Ooooo… I love me some classical/electronic crossover.

    Though I always think it’s funny how into it (or out of it) violinists can get when they’re playing.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      As my friends in bluegrass put it: “If they’re into it and dancing, its fiddling. If they’re stuffy and pretentious, they’re ‘playing the violin'”


      • UncleJesse says:

        OK, that didn’t suck. But I think the video was bow-sync’d. That violin would have to be the temperature of the air around it or it’d go right out of tune as it cooled.

  2. Jake says:

    I’m don’t really care for the Dubstep stuff I’ve heard, but this I like! Then again, I also like Vanessa Mae, and similar stuff.

    I’m a hair from subscribing to Lindsey Stirling’s Youtube channel just based off this.

  3. Cargosquid says:

    If you like this….

    Then I think that you’ll like these girls. Two violins and drums.

    Don’t forget to crank it!

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  5. RedeemedBoyd says:

    I’ve watched quite a few of her videos over the last several months, and I did not realize she was sampling the idea of dubstep. I’m not sure if I like that idea or not honestly. I like dubstep, and I love her style, but I’m not convinced that it’s a happy union.

    Then again, I am a bit stodgy.

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  7. Walt says:

    I was half expecting the dubstep to overpower the violin but it worked out well.

    I like it.

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