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This is being shilled by the antis. Overall its a LOT of hand-wringing and question asking, but I found two points that were worth noting:

And, of course, there is the question of the gun: Was it at least difficult for Lane to get hold of it? Were any weapons in the home kept secured? Such questions have now been proven as legitimate in Chardon as they are in Cleveland, where teens with guns are a scourge.

From the various reports I’ve read, His Dad is a prohibited person, and the gun is allegedly a Ruger target pistol owned by a relative the alleged shooter does not live with. I suspect the gun was stolen, and I go out on a limb and say it probably wasn’t secured in any crazy way, but who knows, “Safe Storage” is bullshit, and even the antis agree with that.

Still lets say the gun was left on the coffee table in the living room, cocked-and-locked. For the shooter to acquire it he had to A) Handle the gun as a minor child without adult supervision or permission. Generally a crime against the owner. B)Theft of a firearm. C) Carrying a Concealed weapon without a permit. D)Posession of a handgun by a minor child, and C) Bringing a Firearm into a “Gun Free Zone”.

This creep is also being charged with carrying a knife. Now unless Ohio is vastly different than the bastion of individial Liberty that Massachusetts is *snerk*, any kid can go into a hardware store and buy a knife, or grab a knife from the kitchen or tool box at home without it being a crime. They can even walk up the street with it, even if its concealed. It just becomes an “Issue” when he takes it into school, and even then its generally an institutional offense, not punishable by law until he DOES something like assault somebody with it.

The kid is facing charges for the gun (not to mention the murders and assault, lest we forget the REAL issue here), and the owner of the gun, I suspect may face some charges unless it turns out the kid entered the house and stole the gun by trespass or breaking and entering.

How much more difficult could we have made this to prevent a series of MURDERS? (The anti-rights answer is always: “Ban the Guns”)

So here’s my next point:

By all accounts, the staff and the students at Chardon High School — along with local law enforcement and safety forces — were well prepared and responded admirably. In the case of Frank Hall, the assistant football coach and cafeteria monitor who chased the still-firing gunman from the scene, the response was nothing short of heroic.

Good on the coach, he took action, when he very well could have hid under his desk, and still be called as much of a “Hero” by these swine.

Still how often do you hear anti-rights people advise you not to resist violence. They say “X is Not Worth Your life!” Why do they say that? Because when you “Resist” you could get shot. From all the accounts I’ve read the shooter was not closely acquainted with the victims, this doesn’t appear to be a “Grudge” or a “rivalry” or a “Bullying” case. Instead this sounds like most spree shootings. The victims were just in the “Wrong place at the wrong time”. Also knowing what I do about the type of gun and the accounts of the shooting, it sounds like the shooter picked a table and emptied his gun into all sitting at it. Likely by the time the coach reacted the gun was empty (or jammed or misfired…remember this is likley a SA .22 target gun, anybody who has one knows that without the right ammo and the right conditions they choke a bit more than their centerfire cousins), and that may have been the ONLY thing that kept the coach from taking fire.

And I don’t know about this man, but I know that even the fattest and oldest Football coaches I’ve met were still fit enough to run laps with the kids and throw passes, and most of them had SOME college ball under their belts, meaning this guy likely wasn’t a little dude.

Still even vs. a .22 target pistol an All-American Line-Backer isn’t going to stack up. Now in 20/20 hindsight this jerk had one gun, and expended it VERY quickly in a vary narrow focus, so even if a staffer was armed and prepared to protect the students the only difference might have been the shooter surrendering, or the shooter shot, (or the shooter running like he did).

That being said why didn’t he pull a second gun? A spare magazine? Go for the knife? Those were all the choices of somebody who is likely insane. The antis want THESE to be the people in charge before the Police arrive…which did not happen quickly at all. As our on-site Reporter Bubblehead Les reports, the PD and FD stations were only a few miles away, and everything was over before they arrived. Also SWAT took over an hour to scramble.

I’ll close with a quote from “Everygun” who I belive is employed by Mayor Bloomberg’s Criminal Mayor group. When asked how he/she would combat such school shootings she responded:

@TrailerDays Universal Background Checks. Airport level safety at school. Concealed carry with NRA training in lieu of open carry.

We’ve talked background checks before, The mandated concealed carry is new to me. I suspect they might be pushing this on the same idea of people demanding gays stay closeted. That way you can lie and spread bigotry, and the uninitiated might believe them because they “don’t know anybody who’s gay” or “Don’t know anybody who carries a gun”.

Sure you do, they just might not have TOLD you.

Still gotta love the airport security. Just what our growing children need, unhealthy doses of radiation, sexual assault in lieu of safety, and well, no ACTUAL safety. We of course have stories like these, but even in a fantasy world where detection is good, we have things like these being used. (BTW admission to general population in Prisons generally involves the command “Bend over and spread your buttocks”)

Remember, Anti-freedom, not anti-Gun!

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    The gun grabbers tell us not to resist. Could it be that they see lives as not being worth fighting for? Or is it just that our lives aren’t worthy?

  2. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but I’ve been in lots of prisons. The closest they inspected me was they wanded me when my belt buckle set of the metal detector. They do ask me to leave the pepper spray, the pocketknife, and the cell phone in the car though.

  3. wrm says:

    Meanwhile, over here where we have Gun Control, a kid jumped over a school fence and knifed another kid to death. That’s (rightly) making more news over here than your shooting.

    And no, I don’t have a point…

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