Gun Bans Off The Table

As a general rule I don’t link to Jason Kilgore and Joan Peterson’s blood-dancing website “Kid Shootings”. Its nothing but an aggregate of shootings of people under the age of 18 with no attention if the shootings were legal, criminal, criminal on criminal, or accidents. Also they rarely propose solutions, except the hint that we need more gun control, and somehow that might have prevented this.

Still I found this post very telling:

A 15-year old boy brought an unloaded .380-caliber Colt semi-automatic pistol to school with him, which he had taken from his father’s locked gunbox. The parent was a conceal carry license holder….Pro-gun activists like to claim that locking a gun is enough to keep it out of children’s hands, but most teens, when questioned away from parents, admit that they are able to get the key or know the combination.

Its a local story, and overall Massachusetts is Heaven for anti-rights cultists. We have no true private sales (our “Private Sales must still be reported to the state) we have heavy restrictions on what guns and what magazines we can own. Our carry permit are “May Issue”, and we need a permit to simply OWN a gun, and those permits are also “May Issue”, meaning rights to own firearms can be removed from a lawful citizen with no due process. Also there is mandatory training before you can get your permit. Also while it was deemed unconstitutional by both Heller and McDonald we are REQUIRED by law to keep our guns locked up at all times.

None of that prevented this. The editor (there is no way to tell if the person typing is Joan or Jason) notes that these laws obviously aren’t enough. Now let’s look from the quoted news story:

The suspect’s father, who is “duly licensed” to carry firearms, Chief Riello said, owned the pistol and an additional, undetermined number of firearms. All of his weapons were confiscated by police this morning along with the father’s firearms permit—all with the father’s cooperation, the chief added.

The suspect was booked on charges of possession of a firearm without an FID (firearms identification) card and possession of a firearm on school grounds. The boy was booked this morning, but as of press time police did not know if the boy was being held in custody or had been returned to his parents.

Dad has not only lost all his guns, but has lost his right to own them. Kid is facing charges. No word on if Dad will face charges. But of course for Gun Control to be effective, such things should NEVER happen. (Note the amount of drug use, and murder, despite total prohibition of that…so at least they’re as reasonable as they are logical).

See its always the gun’s fault not the person. But we know these anti-rights fiends.

Jason Kilgore likes swords! Probably also has a bunch of knives and sharp tools scattered around his house. Unlike guns these things CAN “Just Go Off”. You bump into a knife or sword, or knock a display piece off the wall, or one falls off the counter on your foot, you can do some damage.

Mr. Kilgore has young kids at home. How does he keep them from accessing such dangerous implements?

How about Joan Peterson? She admits this is EXACTLY how she keeps her guns.

Of course the rules don’t apply to them. “Progressives” are different because they are different!

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  1. Oh, she’s one of those Feudal Ladies, where the rules exist for the Serfs but not for her. Elitist, check.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Marxists are all about the Aristocracy. Lennin, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao were living in luxury while their people starved.

      Of course the reason why “Useful Idiots” is so fitting is that many of the people starving or dying in ditches, or buried in mass graves assumed THEY would be the ones watching their fellows stave while in luxury…

  2. Greg Camp says:

    I suppose that we should keep all firearms disassembled until a friendly range officer puts them together for us to take one shot at a paper target at the approved shooting range in the middle of Nevada–after we show all of our paperwork, licenses, and properly checked receipts, of course. Expenses to be paid by the firearm owner.

  3. Jack says:

    That’s how Media Matters does it. And of course Bloomberg’s army.

    The whole point of progressivism is that you need a vanguard to “nudge” those icky proles in the right direction. If the proles didn’t need to be ruled… well then the progs wouldn’t have a place would they?

    A’yup. It’s aristocracy by another name.

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