Brady’s Appeal to Their Base

Which is obviously children. Maybe Joan is right. A Majority of Americans ARE for Stricter Gun control, and that group hasn’t even entered puberty yet! To be fair at last year’s NRA National Meeting I saw more children than ever before. Maybe THOSE are the NRA Members that want to ban guns too!

I won’t even bother to refute the video, its pretty horrible, and it praises the Brady Background Check which doesn’t actually work.

Keep it up Bradies, your tenuous grasp of reality is slipping!

BTW the Brady Camp is having their national meeting, and it looks a LOT different than the NRA meeting:

Brady National Meeting

The NRA needs to rent out for four days some of the largest meeting halls in the nation for their annual meeting. The Gun Grabbers (BTW Mom’s Demand Action, and CSGV probably out number Brady “Members” in the pictures I’ve seen) need to rent out a small function room for one afternoon for theirs!

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5 Responses to Brady’s Appeal to Their Base

  1. McThag says:

    I’ve failed the vaunted Brady Background Check.

    Yet I still got the gun.

    Yet I still got the gun legally.

    I’ve since passed the far more rigorous background check for owning NFA items.

    I’ve passed several other Brady Background Checks as well.

    How can this be so? Because the system is not perfect and it hiccuped that one time. And it’s not a case of my having a common name either.

  2. Bob S. says:

    Seems like the Brady Campaign is perfectly accepting of ‘bad guys’ assaulting, robbing and creating general mayhem as long as they aren’t armed with a gun.

    Nice to know the admit to being pro-criminal!

  3. Chaplain Tim says:

    As normal, when you look at their video on Youtube, the ratings and comments are disabled. It’s not like they want any of our dirty facts messing up their expensive propaganda campaign.

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