CSGV: Only WE get to Exploit the Deaths of Innocents for Political Gain

A bit Ironic that CSGV is sponsoring a petition to get that sick Newtown simulator game taken off the creator’s website.

This is the group that complains that the NRA has a blackout period after a national incident for all the facts to be found before they make a statement, and who jump on any tragedy, and facts-be-damned, demand their pet laws that have zero relevance to said case.

Oh and let’s not forget their assistance to those who want George Zimmerman Murdered!

That’s called Irony!

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3 Responses to CSGV: Only WE get to Exploit the Deaths of Innocents for Political Gain

  1. Geodkyt says:

    Even better — the guy who made the game is a anti-rights gun ban activist HIMSELF, and the game was designed to drum up a backlash against US gun owners.

  2. Linoge says:

    I do not know why they want him to take it down… he only did it to help them.


    • Archer says:

      Reminds me of two common pro-rights memes:
      1. “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”
      2. If pro-rights activists were half as violent as anti-rights activists claim, there’d be no anti-rights activists left.

      Also, because it was his intent to help spread the gun-control message, they should be singing his praises and showering him with thanks. I mean, making anti-rights groups look bad while spreading their message shouldn’t matter any more than banning “assault weapons” not reducing violent crime. It’s the intentions that count, right? Not the outcomes?

      At least, the intentions count until it’s THEIR ox getting gored. The irony, it is delicious.

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