Interesting Google Search

So part of my Independence Day festivities will be indulging in a Buxton Carbomb, I ran that phrase into google…and was surprised with what I found.

A third man’s been jailed after a bomb was found under a car in Buxton in Norfolk.

30-year-old Paul Gregory supplied explosives used in a plot to blow up a car in Buxton and has been jailed for four years.

He admitted making the explosive material used in a device placed under a car in Coltishall Road on Sunday 2 September last year….Detectives Constable Graham Finney, who worked on the investigation, said: “The device could have caused serious damage to life and property, and it is fortunate that it was spotted before the vehicle was driven.

“Gregory is a troubled individual who thought nothing of making, storing or using explosives. He appears to have been manipulated by Taylor and Gregory not only endangered people in Buxton by providing explosives, but he has also risked the lives of those living near him as more of the explosive compound was found concealed in his house.

“It is pleasing to see these men behind bars with lengthy custodial sentences.”

So there turns out to be a Buxton in the UK, and despite all their laws the yobs there are cooking up terrorist infernal devices.

So much for “Gun Death”.

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