Blog Fisk Of Moms Demand Action on the Virginia 2A Rally

So there is a massive 2A Rally Scheduled in Virginia Monday the 20th, and Michael Bloomberg’s Shell Group “Moms Demand Action” has a propaganda piece out. You know me, you know what I do, so buckle up!

On January 20th, gun extremists – including out-of-state militia groups – will descend on the Virginia General Assembly…

Sorry guys, but if this lobby day is going to be so huge that streets are being closed and that there needs to be logistics just so that many people can come in for a STATE event, this is NOT extreme. The number of people opposing the gun bans is likely going to outnumber the people supporing them, if I had to bet by 100-to-1. That TECHNICALLY makes Everytown the Extremist group.

Also two neat little buzz words from this short introductory statement. #1 “Out of State”, implying that Virginia wants gun bans, and those who oppose it are from other states….in a press release from a New York Lobbying Group. FYI Bloomberg spent MILLIONS on the election and while he owns a whole bunch of houses, I don’t think he owns one in Virginia. So there is going to be out-of-state support for Virginia and the US Constitution, I suspect the bulk of the supporters are going to be from the State….and even if they aren’t, if it wasn’t for out-of-state support this wouldn’t be an issue.

And they also use the term “Militia”. This is a dangerous game for the anti-gun lobby to play. Remember when Heller V DC was being argued. The debate was if the Second Amendment applied to the individual or a collective body….namely the “Militia” mentioned in “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (FYI not even the dissenting judges felt that “Collective Right” nonsense held) So if ONLY Militias have the right to keep and bear arms, why are you casting aspersions on them? Easy, Robert Francis O’Rouke made that clear:

Watch that whole video if you haven’t. Not only is the fake Mexican being crazy, but the ENTIRE DIAS AND the ENTIRE AUDITORIUM cheered on the crazy. Moms Demand Action, as well as the Parent Company Everytown, as well as the Democratic National Committee doesn’t care a wit about the 2nd Amendment, and their end goal is total confiscation of civilian-owned firearms.

This is why we can’t let the restrictions happen in Virginia, because we KNOW they are JUST THE START!

oping to intimidate lawmakers into rejecting the democratic will of the people who, by wide margins, want (and voted for champions of) common-sense gun safety laws. Here’s what you need to know:

I’ll talk about the “Wide Margins” a bit more late, but just look that the source Moms Demand cites…we’ll get to it later.

Still if this is against the will of the people, why has so much of the state rejected Gun Control?

So let’s get to the “Facts”:

Virginians overwhelmingly support background check and red flag laws, and gun extremists are in the minority:

If they were such a minority why is there going to be such a huge turnout? Also there is a bit of a factor here that seems to be part of an ever-growing rift in America. Maybe there is a “Majority” but that Majority comes from the population of the cities, and ignores the rest of the state. Is life in the country the same as life in the city? Then why should the city dictate how those who live outside the cities live? It’s a major problem that will need to be dealt with in the future.

Also the polls they cite are not great, and honestly read more like the opinions on people who have no idea how gun laws work. Like why would you ask if people support bans on guns for the mentally ill….when that’s been the law since the 60s?

Also when the poll is not over the phone, but at the ballot box, the results have never been as favorable as the anti-gun lobby wants.

Also if us gunnies are such extremist nuts, and are such a minority, why concern yourself with us? Everytown is spending a LOT of money to oppose what is essentially grass roots politics.

Lawless County resolutions hold no legal weight, undermine law enforcement, and create a dangerous environment for people who may hurt themselves or others

As opposed to gun control laws that often lead to a RISE in violent crime? Also it isn’t UNDERMINING law enforcement, the support for Sanctuary is often coming FROM law enforcement.

Also the “Danger” aspect is fabricated, and they are doing everything they can to play it up, including declaring a state of Emergency. If the militias were coming to overthrow the government, we wouldn’t be holding a lobby. You lobby so you can show that government still works….which is REALLY what Michael Bloomberg is afraid of.

Plus all of the proposals from the anti-gun lobby are against the US Constitution which is above the laws of the Commonwealth.

White supremacist ‘accelerationists’ align with militia movement, sparking fears of another Charlottesville:

Gun control disproportionately effects minorities. If this was some sort of “White Power” movement, why would the “White Supremacists” want to be arming the minorities?

Also Remember that Governor who is supporting all these gun bans…..yeah

This debate does have the support from the White Supremacists…and they want the minorities to be unarmed.

The NRA has yet to make any public statement disavowing the January 20th event or the various militia groups planning on attending. However, the NRA’s people and rhetoric are intertwined with the January 20th rally.

Sadly the NRA is dead. Bloomberg spent Millions in the last election to flip the government, and encourage Democrats to support gun control (and White Supremacy), the NRA Spent nothing on Virginia…and they are headquartered there. If they cared they would have done something noticeable.

So that’s the anti-gun talking points, take-away, they’re crap. My support goes out to the people of Virginia and to those at the Rally! I have joined the Virginia Citizens Defense League as a show of solidarity, you too can join them here, as well as get more information on the Rally on Monday!

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