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Yeah, Predator IS Awesome

Totally holds up over time: One thing they missed is that Billy was totally A Porn Star in the 70s!! Yeah, it’s awesome!

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For “”

Yep so I picked up a troll in a full-blown manic episode. Just had to post this video. Yep, just like that!

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I don’t know why people think Neill Blomkamp is anything to write home about. District 9 was fucking TERRIBLE, and I’ve heard nothing good about Elysium, even from Hollywood Commies who it panders to. Also, for as much as I … Continue reading

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Movie LOLz

This was hilarious!

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Play Me Out: Warren Zevon

Don’t know if he was forecasting his own death, but that’s what he did with this number.

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New Star Wars Title Revealed!

Dunno how I feel about this: The title of the new Star Wars movie has been revealed as The Force Awakens. The seventh instalment of the sci-fi saga is set about 30 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode … Continue reading

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A Fun Video From Jerry

I think the end message is S&W needs to supply guns to more prop houses!

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Today We Remember

It’s Memorial Day, and while it is a well-needed day off from the hustle and bustle, and generally good summer weather for cookouts and picnics, we must remember why we have this day, and how potentially we might not. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Two Baby Enter, One Baby Leave!

I mentioned this on the Squirrel Report the other night, and today while Mrs. Weer’d and Rockstar were out getting their nails done as a Mother’s Day Present, Vector and I were left alone with the kids. When this happens … Continue reading

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Actor’s Revealed for the New Star Wars

Many may know, but I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, after the Aliens series Star Wars is my favorite Sci-Fi Franchise. Yes that means I like Prometheus, and Alien: Resurrection, and actually consider Alien3 (especially the rough director’s cut) to … Continue reading

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