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Not the biggest Tom I’ve seen this year. Seen some MONSTERS on the drive in. Lot of them in full strut, fixin’ to rock some Cloaca. Not the biggest Tom, but the biggest Tom in the office parking lot this … Continue reading

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Morning LOL

From AFT I liked the bit about a cocking hammer being an “Early Warning System”. Its bullshit, but its still funny! 😀 And gotta love Chavez’s optimistic view of Banana republics! Happy LOLZ!

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Good Morning Listen

Serious Gun drops short podcasts every few days. He’s short, and to the point, and I love his product for that. Last night’s cast was a REALLY good one. He talks exclusively about the Zimmerman/Martin case and about safety and … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Crazy Nurse

This one is freaky! Paramedics were making so many trips to a dialysis clinic in the East Texas city of Lufkin, a top fire department official wrote an anonymous letter to state health department inspectors pleading for somebody to take … Continue reading

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Good Reads

Sean talks about Zimmerman’s Arrest. So what we know is that George Zimmerman was handcuffed and his weapon was taken from him. He was placed in the back of the police car, given first aid, and transported to the interview … Continue reading

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A Thought

A common anti-gun argument is “I’ve gone my entire life without needing a gun…” and generally a line about guns being unnecessary, or people who own and/or carry guns for self-defense as being somehow paranoid or irrational. Of course its … Continue reading

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Ignorance And Gun Handling

This story is a MESS! A 45-year-old Cleveland woman is charged with negligent homicide, a first-degree misdemeanor, in the fatal shooting of her daughter’s 19-year-old boyfriend. How’d that go down? Listen to this? David Moore was shot in the forehead … Continue reading

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Its going on both sides. Joan Peterson has a post up claiming people are “Demonizing” Trayvon Martin by bringing up the facts about his checkered school record. What could possibly be the relevance that Martin may have had a habit … Continue reading

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The Terror Has Started

We may not have to wait for Zimmerman to be acquitted before the first innocent victims of the racist hysteria happen. A couple in Sanford, Fla., is afraid for their lives after people posted their home address on Twitter and … Continue reading

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OK so we talked a bunch about my trip to Virginia, and thanks to all for the legal info. So let’s talk meetup! Not sure how many in my Party will be interested, but they’re fine with me pushing forwarding … Continue reading

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