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Quote of the Day: Joan Peterson

A quick one from Joan: Kids often know better than the adults in their lives and sometimes it takes a kid’s voice to call attention to our problems. For it is for our children that we need to change the … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Mass Stabbing

If this was America, and it was a “Gun Death” it would be national news…but it isn’t. Mexican investigators made the grim discovery of the bodies of eight people at a home in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez … Continue reading

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They Keep Hitting Them Out of the Park

And I keep posting them Awesome!

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Moar Seamonsters!

Didn’t know skates grew this big! Captain Mark Quartiano, a charter boat operator who also goes by “Mark the Shark,” is seen grinning next to his fearsome catch in an Instagram photo he posted over the weekend. “I’ve caught one … Continue reading

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For Those People Who Don’t Understand “Causation” and “Correlation”

The Sandy Hook Killer….Dance Dance Revolution Addict! But while many of his video games were violent, others were not. For months before the killings at Sandy Hook, he would go to a movie theater on weekends to play the dance … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” New Jersey and Sword

A deadly combination: Aggravated assault charges have been filed against a central New Jersey man who allegedly slashed his father with a sword during a domestic dispute. Sounds like the Father will live, but he was admitted to the hospital … Continue reading

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Cold Duck!

Not the garbage wine, but some really cold ducks! A flock of tiny ducks are recovering not far from fawns, squirrels and other birds at the WildCare rescue facility in Noble. “They happened to hit a storm at the wrong … Continue reading

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Sea Monster Caught on Cam

I have NO idea what to make of this: HerrBGone suggested it might be a giant squid of some sort. At first glance the massive squishy surface looked a little like a Colossal Squid, but I can’t see any arms … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Scared to Death

Its a Real Thing! Not a “Gun Death”!

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Quote of the Day: Mikee

Over at Joe’s: When I go to linked articles like this, I commonly find that the comments run about 10:1 against the idiocy proposed, unless the link is to a NY Times article. I suppose selection bias could drive supporters … Continue reading

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