A Big Plus on the Ruger LCR .357

So here’s something I never thought about when I reviewed my LCRs

Pocket Power

Here are my go-to defensive pocket guns. My S&W642 which is my first carry gun, My Kahr PM45, my favorite pocket-carry gun, and my New .357 Magnum LCR. Also I’ll add my Beretta 21A occasionally goes into my pocket as a backup or when I absolutely cannot pocket one of those other 3.

In the comparison I made I noted the PM45 was better in almost every way but weight and power, and both in a small sense of either. Still this morning I was heading out to run some errands. I put on my standard summer-carry attire, and on a whim dropped the .357 Magnum into my pocket as well. Now I’m wearing a pair of cargo shorts that fit well, but also have an elastic waistband. This means that even the light PM45 will tug my shorts a bit. The few ounces I shaved off with the .357 REALLY help. Also the diminished capacity of the 5 shot revolver isn’t an issue as I will only be falling back on this gun if my primary runs dry or malfunctions. Still if I can ONLY carry in the pocket, the Kahr is the better choice, further with two 7-round magazines for reloads. But this is a REALLY nice backup gun.

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