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It Takes a Tough Man to Make a Chicken Tender

A turn of the catch phrase of these vintage ads! Since I’ve taken to putting some of my favorite recipes up here, this is another perennial. This was a big batch of Chicken tenders made for a party. They’re easy, … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep: 121

Episode 121 – Armed Lutherans, Toy Guns, and a Man Without Pants Pacifiers & Peacemakers – Kids, Guns…and Toy Guns Felons Behaving Badly – Arrest made in shooting of man found walking without pants Special Guest – Lloyd Bailey of … Continue reading

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Luck Used Up

So due to all the travel, bad weather, and work being done on the house, Only today Did I get a chance to rake my leaves. Found something interesting there: That’s what’s left of an Eastern Cottontail. There were a … Continue reading

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Anti-Gunners Lying: This is My Shocked Face

So you’ve probably seen it heard of it by now. There’s an anti-gun movie in Theaters now. I had to edit the above line because neither you, nor anybody else has probably SEEN it, because the overall reviews, even from … Continue reading

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SQRPT #218

We took a little time off, but we’re back! We’re quoting Breda for the show description: We talk about everything from printing presses, Castro, Sesame Street, mashed potatoes to orangutans. All in the same show! I like us. Yep, it’s … Continue reading

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Really Cool Bartending Video

Cool drinks, well shot, and I really dig the historical bits! And Another Video from the same dude with more history interesting. NEVER heard of using red wine in a sour, or absinthe in a Manhattan! Also, I thought the … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 120

EP120 GunBlog VarietyCast – Your Life is a Kitchen So bake as many pies as you want with the GunBlog VarietyCast! Beth brings her husband Sean (not GBVC Sean, a different Sean) back on to talk about being a couple … Continue reading

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Try not to cheat, and watch the video first, then click on the fold:

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