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How They See Us

The Duck brings this screed on Wisconsin Carry Nov. 1 is coming up, and you know what that means. It’s the day I can finally carry my concealed weapon legally in this state. Of course, I could have been carrying … Continue reading

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So when I went to bed last night it was snowing. It was big wet flakes and we haven’t even had a frost yet so the ground is still very warm so I didn’t put much stock in it. I … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Another Lam Case

Another guy who spent a good time on the lamb. Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos announced Thursday afternoon the arrest of a 55-year-old man wanted for a 1980 murder, the second arrest in less than a week by her … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Daddybear

Awesome rant, Delta Bravo! My point is that I’m tired of hearing people whine. If I had the power, I’d take each and every one of these class-baiting twits to the real world and let them see what poverty really … Continue reading

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Looks like New Hampshire is looking to dump their permit requirement. New Hampshire’s resident Permit costs $10, is an un-laminated sheet of paper with no photo, and there is no training requirement. Essentially they file paperwork and run a NICS … Continue reading

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Occupy Drama Llama

I read this the other day, and knew it was more “Progressive” hand-wringing. You see “Progressives” are dependent on the government for their lives, and the system they have created is based on “Victim-hood”. This is why we see so … Continue reading

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“Fat Tax”

So was talking to the wife this morning: Her: “They have a ‘fat tax’ in Hungary.” Me: “Yeah they’re Hungry!” *Rimshot* (NICE ONE Weer’d Beard!) *High Five*! But yeah: In an effort to address rising obesity rates and health care … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Short Flight

OK so first here’s a death with another common household item. Mary Ann Rivera was charged in November 1970 with murdering her husband, Cruz Rivera, by throwing hot grease on him on Oct. 14, 1970, according to court records…In addition … Continue reading

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Like a Brick Shithouse

Seriously, CRKT makes a HELL of a knife. The Boss today asked me to put a new edge on her Gekkota as it had gone dull and had a few patches of rust from exposure to sea water during a … Continue reading

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A Look at HR 822 from INSIDE Anti-Gun States

So the antis are absolutely terrified of HR 822. Of course the most egregious anti-gun states are harping about it because it gets rid of their arbitrary and often racist means of discrimination against people exercising a natural right. But … Continue reading

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