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The Youtube Shooting

So as you have all probably heard about the Shooting at Youtube Headquarters. Of course the NRA was blamed for this while the blood was still wet on the ground. But as usual this was not a right-wing NRA member … Continue reading

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Speaking of Police Dropping the Ball

Also added to the “Gun Death” Files, from Massachusetts: In 2012, a former schoolmate said he reported **REDACTED** to Winchester school administrators as a possible “threat to student safety.” In September, **REDACTED** told police he was hearing voices in his … Continue reading

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They Call Charlie Baker “Tall Deval”

Deval Patrick was the previous governor of Massachusetts, he grew up in Chicago, he’s insanly liberal and corrupt, and was friends with Barack Obama, so much that the “Yes We Can” mantra synonymous with the Obama Campaign was actually a … Continue reading

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Thomas Gabor reacts to the Parkland Shooting

Oh Tommy Gabor, one of the darling “Researchers” of the anti-gun side. He has a piece up at Mike “The Mentally Ill Guy” Weisser’s website. Let’s have a look: Thomas Gabor: Gun Licensing Could Have Prevented Parkland Shooting Pretty bold … Continue reading

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Another Reason to have a 2nd Amendment

You can legally defend against this crap. The 2nd Amendment is the RIGHT to keep and bear ARMS, not just guns, and if you’ve been following the issue we have 2nd Amendment groups that focus on guns, and groups that … Continue reading

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Tom Gabor: Firearms Owner Licensing. A Weer’d Fisk

So Mike Weisser is likely crazy, and definitely anti-gun. Still he did what I consider a great thing, he’s opened his blog up to other anti-gunners to preach propaganda, and the occasional gun article written by an out-of-touch anti-gun Elmer … Continue reading

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Some Gunnie News

Been out of town for Christmas, and being doing a lot of shoveling. Thought I’d share two stories I’d found that have ties to the 2nd Amendment fight. First is one that dropped before the Holiday: President Trump’s nominee to … Continue reading

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California, Do You Have ANY Idea What You Are Doing?

So the Illegal Alien Five-going-on-Six-Times-Deported was acquitted of the murder of Kate Steinle. The killer is a straight-up drug dealer who keeps getting sent back to his legal home of Mexico, and keeps coming back, often in rapid succession. There’s … Continue reading

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Interview With the Man Who Took out the Texas Church Shooter

Just amazing, he’s just a regular guy who saw SHTF and took action. Some of my thoughts on this. #1 the time to load your magazines is NOT when you find out an active shooter is on your street. He … Continue reading

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Joan Peterson “Debates”

So we all know Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign, and Protect Minnesota (tho she’s been set out to pasture in Minnesota, and the Brady Campaign is doing everything in its power to keep its collective head above water), she … Continue reading

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