Light A Candle To Stop Violence

So the Brady Bunch are planning Candle-light vigils on January 8th to “Stop Gun Violence”. Now many have pointed out what a stupid and pointless gesture that is, also many are noting the dwindling numbers of people willing to come out in the cold with a candle for the sake of their lost cause.

I propose a display that will show we have the same goals, but our side is actually interested in results.

So on January 8th I ask everybody to post a picture of a lit candle and you carry gun. Because lit candles don’t do a whole lot but cast a meager amount of light…but a loaded gun in the hands of lawful citizens can do wonders to protect innocent lives from harm.

Also “Gun Violence” is a bogus and made-up term, so on January 8th I ask you all to light a candle to stop VIOLENCE, and show you have the means to do just that.

Do this across blogs, facebook, photo accounts, twitter, and any other means. I suspect with a little spreading of the word we can easily dwarf the anti-freedom effort, as well as make the world a safer place!

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118 Responses to Light A Candle To Stop Violence

  1. bluesun says:

    Mine will be going up tomorrow.

  2. Erin Palette says:

    Since we seem to be starting a day early, here’s my contribution.

  3. JSW says:

    Here’s my shot- jumping the gun due to required attendance at a funeral the 8th.

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  12. DirtCrashr says:

    Here’s my olsd Colt – not a carry-gun since we’re in an Un-carry Police Only State…

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  14. TL671 says:

    They aren’t carry guns, but I do have a tactical sling for the shotgun. I’m getting it up here late, I did however post it just before midnight on twitter.

    • TL671 says:

      I don’t know how it slipped my mind, but the pump .22 on the left was actually used to repel a home invasion. It’s amazing how just the appearance of a firearm, no matter how puny, immediately changes an aggressors mind.

  15. Rhenda says:

    Dang! Brilliant!! But I missed the day! I totally did not see this post until it passed. You should set another date and give us all a chance to spread the word in Fb and blogland. In the mean time, I’ll go get a pic of my .357 long barrel, my shotgun, all my rifles and my Christmas candle. 🙂

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  18. Kerry says:

    I’ve posted an ‘Imaginary Candle’, real CZ. Nice shootin’ Weerd.

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  22. JJ says:

    Yes I know I’m late, but here’s mine for what its worth…

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