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Hells YEAH!

Larry gives the oddly hard to find link to Monster Hunter Nemesis Kindle edition! I mostly read on the train, or at night in bed while my wife is sleeping, and the front-light on the Paperwhite is ideal light for … Continue reading

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A Cool Kahr Arms Promo Video

I’m madly in love with Kahr’s polymer pocket pistol. Here’s why! Super thin, super light, with a low bore axis giving the gun more capacity and more of a firing grip than similar-sized guns in the same class. Also the … Continue reading

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Jiff Salted Caramel Hazelnut Spread Review

Now this is cool! So we should all know about Nutella. It’s a German spread made from Hazelnuts with chocolate flavor. Recently a bunch of other companies have started to compete with it. One of them is Jiff, who makes … Continue reading

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Narraganset Del’s Shandy Review

I first talked about it here. Now it’s showing up in my area. Like JUST showing up! A few people at work had them, so I decided to go out and look for some. At the store I knew I’d … Continue reading

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More Dragon Leatherworks on NCIS!

Awesome work Dennis! His gear again appears on NCIS! You can watch the show here! Or simply go over to Walls of the City to see the screen grabs! If you want some Dragon Leatherworks gear, go click that banner … Continue reading

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New Knives!

Just got an order in from Knifecenter. Two new knives from CRKT. I’ll be doing an in-depth review of both of them when I get a chance to shake them down a bit, and take photos! Love getting new knives!

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Great Series!

So I just finished “Lucky 13″ which is a short story from the Terms of Enlistment Series by none-other than Marko “Munchkin Wrangler”/ “Major Caudill” Kloos. I must say I am DYING for his latest “Lines of Departure” to drop … Continue reading

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New Products from Dragon Leatherworks

So we KNOW he makes great holsters, and belts too! (BTW check out the cool buckles he offers for the belts! LOVE that Steam Punk one!) He also has a gun shop where he sells guns! Of course many of … Continue reading

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So had a little stint of insomnia last night, so was reading Amazon Reviews for this new ice mold I bought. I had a plastic one that was really cool, but combination of cold and the pressure of freshly frozen … Continue reading

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Got One of These

Looks pretty cool, and pretty easy! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try out all this stuff!

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