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“Gun Death” works Both Ways!

Selective Statistics can Cut Both Ways Sevier County Detectives are currently investigating a stabbing incident that occurred on Monday at approximately 1:30 p.m. in Kodak. Sevier County Sheriff Ron Seals said that the Sevier Co. Sheriff’s Office responded to a … Continue reading

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Mookie has Friends in High Places

Make sure you’re sitting down before you read this story! Paris HIlton was arrested in Las Vegas overnight on charges of felony cocaine possession, the Associated Press is reporting. Be still my heart!!! There’s no way such a pure lady … Continue reading

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Here it Goes!

So Friday was my last regular day of work for the next two weeks. Until September 13th I’ll only be working weekends in the lab. If you don’t remember, Tuesday my wife will be undergoing Brain Surgery that will hopefully … Continue reading

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The Week of Cursed Podcasts.

So this week we got an announcements that Gun Nuts Radio is Going on Hiatus, and if I were a betting man, I suspect Caleb will be doing something else with his time come the November 3rd Re-evaluation period. Caleb … Continue reading

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Creepy Case

Bob Sent me this story Authorities in Bahrain arrested a suspect Tuesday in the case of a Canadian singer whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase at London’s Heathrow Airport in 1999, according to London’s Scotland Yard. The force … Continue reading

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Come and Bash Me!

A Quote of the Day goes to Mike W. I think the sole reason we don’t often see pro-gun folks being violently attacked by virtulently anti-gun bigots is because their would-be victims are armed. You don’t hear of PinkPistols members … Continue reading

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Think you can ban Guns?

Oleg Posts pictures of a very interesting SMG First thought: “What a Piece of Shit!”, Second thought: “I bet it’s easy as hell to build those by the railroad car!” Of course the old adage is true, ban guns, and … Continue reading

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Bigotry: I Support the Rights I Use!

So Breda links to this picture. In it a young woman with short hair (I won’t judge, but I think we should make note of it) is holding a sign lamenting that “Its Sad as a Culture we are more … Continue reading

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Friday Funny!

This is some serious funny shit! Stolen from Hiro.

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Did you Get the Memo?

In reading some political stories I found this monstrosity. Goofy loaded questionnaires are just foolish. (Of course we know they’re just there to gin up people to send money) still I clicked over to it on this banner: Seriously, goofball, … Continue reading

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