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A Potential Cure for the Peanut Allergy

So here’s a thing I have a lot of mixed feelings about. Peanut allergies. Now for starters I had a few childhood friends with peanut allergies, and my Aunt is allergic to peanuts. I also have a bunch of friends … Continue reading

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Why You Should Carry ALL THE TIME!

Have a read of THIS story! Authorities say a deputy fire chief in Ohio and a store owner were held at gunpoint during a robbery that happened just after firefighters put out a fire in the building. A spokesman for … Continue reading

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Antis and their Infatuation With “Smart Guns”

Even the title is misleading: Smart Guns Save Lives. So Where Are They? It’s not even misleading in the sense that it’s pushing bad information or a bad faith question, it’s simply a fallacy in it’s own construction. Yogi Berra … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Safety

I almost see it as a gift when the antis make such a short-sighted image such as this: I 100% agree! Cleaners, prescription meds and guns should be kept away from children who can’t safely use them. Of course I … Continue reading

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Surprise! “Gun Free Zones” need More guns!

In Europe: One was a young policewoman, unarmed on the outskirts of Paris and felled by an assault rifle. Her partner, also without weapons, could do nothing to stop the gunman. Another was a first responder with a side arm, … Continue reading

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Can We Quit This “War On Drugs” Crap?

Straight up War! The U.S. Border Patrol made the rare move of firing warning shots from a helicopter to stop a boat believed to be smuggling drugs off the San Diego coast. The Border Patrol said in a statement Sunday … Continue reading

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Farago Again Being an Asshole

So as you may or may not know, I’ve had a few run-ins with Robert Farago and his Clan of carpet-bagging fools. If you aren’t familiar with all of this, loot at the left hand bar of this blog for … Continue reading

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Country Club Crazy, and the Antis Pounding the Round Peg in the Square Hole

So if you haven’t heard it yet, John Boehner’s bartender was bug-nuts Crazy! John Boehner’s former bartender once made plans to slip poison into the House speaker’s drink, or shoot him and drive away, authorities say. Among the reasons driving … Continue reading

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A Leopard Can’t Change His Spots

I really hate it when people claim that the penal system is also a rehabilitation system for criminals to turn their lives around: Three ex-inmates released from a budget-squeezed Ohio jail over the weekend have already been arrested on new … Continue reading

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So Much To Talk About Here

So first watch the video. My Goodness it made me itch! So let’s go over what’s there first. Cop in full uniform is browsing guns in a gun shop. The shop keeper hands the gun to him with a magazine … Continue reading

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